What are pipe supports?

Pipe supports are support mechanisms that hold pipes in place. These can include u-bolts, u-clamps, pipe clamps, pipe clips, pipe hangers, clevis hangers.


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Pipe supports are traditionally the realm of pipe work engineers who would need to clamp pipes into place. However the field is growing wider and wider. We now see traditional pipe supports being used in many different ways. Roof racks, handrails, plumbing, guttering, shelving, heating, road signs, lamposts, railings, and so many other areas are now using pipe supports. So we have to develop the naming conventions.

Graphskill are blazing the way with a new naming convention for all these parts making it easier for all industries (and the general public) understand the measurements involved with pipe supports. To enable them to more easily identify a product that will work for them.

Step forward Graphskill sums : GSUMS

We will talk about these measurements on these pages, and you can also see the details on our main page: GSUMS

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