Who we are: About Us

Graphskill is a component manufacturer with its core business in the pipework industry, but with customers in a variety of other industries ranging from communications to sanitary ware.

We work with distributors and component suppliers across the world but also work directly with clients such as Racal, AMEC, ICI, Kvaerner, Powergen, Balfour Beatty, McAlpine, John Laing, North West Water, Klargester, Armitage Shanks and BNFL.

Most of our business centres around supply u-bolts, hangers, clips and associated items, however our technical design engineers also work closely with customers in creating bespoke products.

Our lead times and reliability are the best in the business and we have efficient systems that will provide you with prompt quotes for both stocked and bespoke products. We work to very high quality standards with materials in various grades of stainless steel, carbon steel and non-ferrous metals.

Many customers make us their first choice, knowing we deliver a quality product and service that puts them, the customer, first. Reliability is our hallmark. We have a professional and dedicated workforce who are committed to fulfiling the quality and delivery promised, no matter how short the lead-time.

We are sure once you have experienced the products and services Graphskill can offer, you will stay with us for many years, just as our existing customers have.


The Company was first registered in 1976, with its main purpose being a Design Office. Two years later, the function was increased to General Engineering, servicing the local Engineering Companies in the county. We found our niche in the manufacture of pipe support ancillaries, such as U Bolts, Pipeclips, Eyerods, etc., supplying the Contract Engineers on the British Nuclear Fuels Limited sites at Sellafield, Springfield, Dounreay, etc. Since the early 1990’s we have built up a customer base that covers the whole of the UK and diversified our product range to suit other markets than that of the Piping Industry. Up to present, our involvement in exporting has been through our UK customers, who have exported our products throughout the world. Whilst continuing these associations, we are in the process of establishing agents and distributors within the EC, with a view to breaking into that market and perhaps widening our worldwide supply through EC Contract Engineers.

Graphskill Time Line

Graphskill Time Line

Our Policies

Terms & Conditions of SaleĀ Last Review Date : 07/11/2005


All manufactured parts will be to the most current revision/standard in the possession of Graphskill at the time the order was placed. It is the responsibility of the Client to state clearly which revision/standard is required without ambiguity. Unless otherwise agreed, in writing, with Graphskill’s QA Manager; all dimensions will be subject to our nominal tolerance of +/- 1mm. This being generally accepted within the industry for pipe support components.

Shortfalls in quality standards or stated quantities at the point of delivery must be advised to our quality department, in writing, within 48 hours of delivery. After this period the claim may be automatically dismissed.

Should a complaint be validated by the Graphskill QA Manager, Graphskill reserve the right to rectify the problem using its own resources. Rectification must not be carried out by the Client without written authority by Graphskill’s QA Manager. Otherwise the claim for costs could be rejected.


Graphskill Limited retains the industrial design rights and property interest in any designs and drawings produced pursuant to any enquiry, order or supply of goods. Any design or drawing shall not be re-produced or passed to a third party without the express permission in writing and signed by the Company’s Managing Director.

Order Cancellation

An order may be cancelled at any time but will be subject to a charge equal to that of the expense associated with processing the order to the point of cancellation.


> Re-stocking of our standard products would result in a charge of 20% of the sale price of the goods.

> if Order was placed for specially manufactured goods, the resulting costs to the point of cancellation would be invoiced to our Client the maximum cost being the full sale price of the goods.


Graphskill are fully insured for the safe carriage of goods from our premises to point of delivery where the P.O.D. is signed by the recipient. Once the P.O.D. is signed the Client takes full responsibility for the security of the goods until title passes via full payment of the goods.


Unless agreed otherwise, in writing, Graphskill’s payment terms of net within 30 days of the date of the invoice will prevail. Title to goods will not pass to the client until payment is received in full.

These conditions shall prevail to the exclusion of all conditions of the Client, expressed or implied.

Quality Management

The Board of Graphskill Limited have implemented a Quality Assurance Policy, which is structured to meet the needs of our clients requiring compliance to BS EN9002 and BS5750 Part 2, or better.

The responsibility for the Quality Assurance within the Company is vested in the Company’s’ Quality Assurance Manager, who will report directly to the Managing Director.

The Quality Assurance Systems will have the whole hearted support of the Managing Director, all the Management and all Departments within the Company.

The Quality function will be responsible for providing the following:-
1. The Quality Organisation and terms of reference.
2. Establishing and maintaining process controls and recording systems.
3. Controlling the Inspection and N.D.T. Departments.
4. Supplier Evaluation and Internal Auditing.
5. Customer Liaison.
6. Quality Planning.
7. Standards Control.

The Company’s’ Quality Assurance System has been prepared to comply with and exceed the requirements of ISO9002 and BS5750 Part 2.
For and on behalf of Graphskill Limited

The Environmental Policy

Graphskill Limited is committed to continuous efforts aimed at:-

Growth by achieving sustainable production.
Recycling all waste wherever possible.
Aiming to go beyond the requirements stated in environmental laws and regulations.
Producing, developing and marketing high quality products that are safe for people and the environment.
Having production methods that are resource-efficient and safeguard both the external and internal environment.
Safeguarding against the occurrence of environmental accidents and assessing the environmental consequences in advance of implementing new operations, or phasing out any existing operations.
Keeping employees informed and providing training and encouragement for them to be involved in environmental matters and improving their awareness.
Introducing environmental management systems that are compatible with EU Reg.No.1836/93
Look to utilising and substituting raw materials and consumables, in order to reduce the total impact on the environment.
Looking to our suppliers and seeking out those who share our environmental concerns.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Graphskill Limited is committed and strives to ensure that no employee, trainee or job applicant shall receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of social background, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, religion, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origin.
Selection for employment, promotion, training or other benefit will be on the basis of aptitude and ability. All employees will be helped and encouraged to develop their full potential and talents. The resources of the workforce will be fully utilised to maximize the efficiency of the organisation.
Every employee is entitled to a working environment which promotes dignity and respect for all. No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated.
It is the responsibility of all persons associated with Graphskill Limited to implement and support this policy.
The policy applies to employees whether temporary, full or part-time and is supported by senior management.

Company Founders: Tom and Sybil Statter

Tom & Sybil

Tom & Sybil

Tom founded the Company back in 1976. Tom was trained as a Draughtsman, in the Dark Ages when we used chisel-edged 8H pencils on ‘Graphos Paper’ and 9′-0″ Drawing Boards with Tee-squares that had minds of their own! – and the luxury of Tracers – If you remember them, get your pipe and slippers ready! After a fairly successful career in design and engineering management he decided to change his boss to a Bank Manager. Sybil was trained as an Audit Clerk and had time out when the first child was born, bringing up the children being the priority! In 1976 she took on the roll of Financial Director, which she held until retirement in 1999. She was no stranger to the ‘shopfloor either, holding the “Threading Championship” title for several years!