Who We Are

What We Do

Graphskill Ltd is a manufacturing company based in West Cumbria, we manufacture mostly industrial pipe supports but our products are used for a wide range of uses in many industries. Typical products include ubolts, cbolts, clips, clamps, hangers and specialist fasteners, we have exported these to over 80 countries and growing. Industries we supply include the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, energy sectors and more. Some examples of clients are CERN, Armitage Shanks, McAlpine, John Laing, North West Water, Stauff, Carpenter & Patterson, Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team, Red Bull Racing, Lotus F1 and Powergen.

Our Mission

To set the standard in clamping pipes

Our Vision

Graphskill SUMS (Standard Universal Measuring System) to be recognised as the industry standard

Graphskill Through the Years

1976 Birth of Graphskill Ltd
1977 Manufacturing
1980-1982 The Move
1983-1987 Business Transition
1988-1992 New Supply
1993-1994 Paper Industry
1995-1996 The Recession
1997-1999 Retirement
2000-2002 Potential for Export
2002 First Direct Export
2003 First Patent
2003-2008 Business Worldwide
2009 E-Commerce
2010-2018 Patent Grant and Worldwide Distribution
2019 The Dallas Project
2019 CERN
2020 West Wing Project Underway
2020 COVID-19
2020 Laser Cutting
2021 West Wing Project Complete

Graphskill Worldwide

Graphskill Ltd have exported to 80 countries worldwide

Current Total: 80 Countries