Laser Cutting

Graphskill have invested in a brand new state of the art laser cutting machine to manufacture products within our range and expand our capabilities as a company with the machinery now to really grow and take that next step. 

We believe that the new facilities will allow us to adhere to clients needs in such a rapidly moving industry with high demands and strict lead times. Laser cutting our items on site will cut lead time and allow us to keep track of material traceability to the highest degree. 


There were hurdles in the way of getting this brand new quality piece of machinery in to our factory. First of all trying to get a 4 tonne machine into the desired location in our factory… midway through the West Wing project which at the time was a fully operating construction site. We eventually did get there with a little help from a bigger bit of kit and you can see how delighted we were that everything was in place without any major issues.

The laser cutting machine was delivered in August 2020, during the national lockdown due to Covid-19 so nothing about this operation was made easy! The next stage was getting the Chinese engineers through to our site during the lockdown to set up and calibrate the machines laser systems and cutting parameters. 


The laser cutter is now in full operation and is operated by Max & Liam. 

Being able to now manufacture a large amount of our profile items is going to be of a huge benefit to the business and customer relations. We will now be able to get products manufactured completely on site to the Graphskill standard. 

Having such a machine is going to allow us to explore the maximum capabilities and increase our ability to offer bespoke products to be manufactured.