How are Graphskill U-bolt threads created?

Graphskill use a Thread Rolling technique for most U-bolts. This means the diameter of the bar being used is slightly less than the thread. For example, if you need a U-bolt with an M8 thread (8 mm) then we will use a 7.1 mm diameter bar, and roll the thread on. We can use cut threading if necessary. READ MORE….

What are the dimensional tolerances?

Graphskill work to +/- 1 mm for tolerances

Can Graphskill provide full material test certification?

Yes, but please indicate your requirements at the time of ordering

How do I measure a U-bolt?

U-bolts have many different measurements associated with the: from centers to nominal bore; from leg length to Pipe OD. It can be confusing so Graphskill are pioneering a new method. You only need to consider 4 things as shown in this image. Dial these up on the -bolt filter and it will show you appropriate U-bolts

How to measure a U-bolt

How to measure a U-bolt

Read more in our blog here: Frustrated with finding the correct U-bolt

What materials do you make U-bolts from?

Our standard material finishes available off the shelf are:

Galvanised Mild Steel

Zinc Plated Mild Steel

T304 Stainless Steel

T316 Stainless Steel (Marine grade)

However, if you need a different material please do ask

Can you make a U-bolt to my design / specification / measurements?

Yes, we manufacture U-bolts here in the UK, and can make bespoke U-bolts to your own measurements. For details (and a free, immediate online quote) have a look at our Quotes & estimates page