Trade Accounts

Thank you for your interest in a Trade Account with Graphskill.

Our e-commerce website,, is configured to allow any person or company to purchase directly without minimum order values. It is quick and efficient allowing payment by Card / PayPal . We believe this is the best way to order standard products. We can even send quotes / pro-forma invoices from the website.
However, we are aware that it is easier for some companies who are likely to have many repeat orders with us, or regularly need bespoke products, to work with a trade / credit account.  We can offer these.
Trade accounts are strictly 30 days, and we reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts.
Please be aware that trade accounts are simply credit accounts, there is no price benefit to a trade account. We have quantity order discounts set up for standard products purchased either via the website or through the trade account.
Upon receipt of the completed form we will follow up trade references and let you know the outcome and the credit limit allocated.

Please note that the process can take some time, and is not always successful, so:

    • If you have already placed orders with us and currently have an order to place we suggest you proceed with the order and pay via Pro-Forma to avoid unnecessary delays.
    • If you have not placed orders with us you should be aware that we always ask for the first order to be paid via the website or pro-forma. So there is no need to wait for the trade account approval to come through. In effect, a trade account will not be available for a one-off purchase.

Essential Information: Please ensure that you and us are GDPR compliant. Please ask permission of the contacts you will provide for trade references before submitting this form. It is against GDPR to share personal data without asking permission first