As a manufacturer do you ever find your products used in a way you never dreamed of?

We are starting to build up a catalogue of these – to help tell the story

Recently a gentleman bought an M30 stainless steel nut – but he only wanted one, so I asked why.

Hex nut“I’m just an amateur hobbyist so I don’t have any magical costumes or anything to pose with, but I’ll see what I could put together once I’ve practised a bit, maybe a short video? The effect will be pretty anti-logic, e.g a bolt will be suddenly appear on a piece of rope, then the rope will attach and un-attach itself from the bolt, and disappear/reappear etc. Will take some practice but it should be fun if all goes to plan”

I can’t wait for the video – watch this space

Another recent purchase was for three stainless steel u-bolts. Upon enquiry we found they were to hold wing mirrors on to a racing car – we are waiting to see if the purchaser wins his race

U-bolts again:

U-bolt“I have used the U-bolts on a mounting frame for a solar panel, and it has worked out really well (the U-bolts hold the solar panel to a 50mm OD Alloy Tube with a T-Piece on it that allows me to put the panel on the top of a vertical 50mm pole, and I can therefore rotate and tilt the panel in any direction for maximum solar effect (it will be on top of my canal boat which could be facing to any point on the compass)”

He has since ordered more for additional panels ­čÖé

And how about using studding and fasteners on a boat?

Thanks for supplying the studding etc so swiftly.  If only every on-line retailer worked to the same timings!  I am using the studding as tie rods in the new oak cabin sides of the 1919 studdingNewlyn Lugger boat (google Ocean Pride PZ134 for previous pictures)  that I am refitting.  I will no doubt be in touch for more fastenings as I progress

We would love to hear more stories like this, for our products and any one else’s really. Let’s build a list of these stories – add your story to the comments section