The advantages of Thread Rolling
There are a number of ways of applying a thread to a bar, from the very traditional Tap  and Die, single point threading on a metal lathe, bar threading machines which using the chasing method, and in some applications, lasers
At Graphskill we use Roll threading and here we will briefly look at why
With Roll threading there is no cutting, milling or chips, it is a more accurate, easier and faster way of creating a thread. Thread rolling is a method of cold forming in which the material is stressed beyond its elastic limit, being deformed plastically (and therefore permanently), thereby forming the material continuously. During the process the grain structure is displaced but not broken enabling the material to flow continuously in an axial direction.

Shown here are micro sections of the Material Grain Structure of two separate V-Type Threads.
In Figure 2, The Rolled Components Grain Structure is displaced but not broken. That is not the case in Figure 1 where the Thread Cutting Method is applied.
The many benefits of thread rolling include:

  • Accuracy of the thread profile is excellent
  • Higher quality surface finish
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Greater resistance to fatigue
  • Increased resistance to corrosion
  • Production far more efficient in terms of time and cleanliness