Graphskill are a component manufacturer with its core business in the pipework industry. We manufacture and supply pipe support and cleaning systems. We also supply a range of stainless steel fasteners and chandlery

1205 Series bossed pipe clips

1205 Series bossed pipe clips

Graphskill have a patented, modular stainless steel pipe support system – the 1205 series. It was developed to accommodate the many different types of pipe support designs which have proven expensive to adopt in stainless steel. The unique design enables a multitude of design options all based on the Series 1205 bossed clip. The Series 1205 can be used to clamp, guide or hang pipes in position with a minimum of basic components and our patented 1205 modular pipe support series.

1111-series- showing ptfe strip

1111-series- with ptfe strip

Graphskill now also have a patent pending on a new range of low friction u-bolts – the 1111 series. These ubolts have been developed to enable pipes to be securely guided with a minimum of friction so safe-guarding the pipe from expansion & contraction wear due to temperature changes; whilst also reducing the noise & vibration of the pipe.




Nuts - Graphskill Ltd

Pipe Clips:


Pipe Clips - Graphskill Ltd



Hexagon Head Set screws and bolts - Graphskill Ltd

Pipe Clamps:


 Pipe Clamps - Graphskill Ltd



 Shakeproof Washers - Graphskill Ltd

Pipe Hangers:



 Pipe hangers - Graphskill Ltd

Studding & Bar:


 Flat Bar Round Bar Studding - Graphskill Ltd

Cleaning Pigs:

 Foam Cleaning Pigs - Graphskill Ltd


 twisted shackles - Graphskill Ltd

Patented Boss type pipe clips:

1205 Series - Graphskill Ltd

Metal Framing System:


oglaend - Graphskill Ltd

And So Much More: Exhaust Pipe Clamps, Fish Tape, Hook bolts, J-bolts, C-bolts, Square Bolts, lock nuts, Jubilee Clips, Maclow clips, plastic pipe clamps and of course we can manufacture your bespoke products


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