Frustrated with choosing the correct U-bolt?

Trying to determine the correct size u-bolt for your application can be a daunting task. Part of this is to do with old pipework engineering speak. U-bolts are traditionally used to clamp pipes into place. Pipes are tubes and engineers who design pipe systems are wholly concentrated on the inside of the tube – because from there they can determine how much fluid or gas can flow through the pipe.

Makes sense – for them. So they will ask for a u-bolt to clamp a “50 nominal bore pipe” which means “Please can I have a U-bolt that will hold a pipe that has an inside diameter of 50 mm” Now, a British standard pipe with 50 mm inside diameter will have a 60.3 mm outside diameter.

So “Please can I have a U-bolt that will hold a pipe that has an inside diameter of 50 mm” actually means “Please can I have a U-bolt that will hold a pipe that has an outside diameter of 60.3 mm

Still with us? So to hold that 50 Nominal bore pipe actually needs a u-bolt that has between 65 and 70 mm depending on how much clamping is to take place

This is why traditionally, u-bolts are labelled the way they are – in Nominal Bore – all very frustrating for non pipe work engineers.

So, Graphskill Ltd are now at the forefront of making life easier by redefining how u-bolts are named and providing easy find solutions.

1) Re-defining how U-bolts are named. Any u-bolt can be defined in 5 simple measurements

How to measure a U-bolt

How to measure a U-bolt

  • Material / finish
  • Thread / bar Diameter
  • Thread Length
  • Inside Diameter (Distance between the legs)
  • Inside height

Those five qualities will uniquely define any u-bolt and Graphskill are now utilising that in our naming conventions

Old Convention: T304 Stainless Steel 50 Nominal Bore British Standard gripping u-bolt (Only the dedicated expert will understand that)

New Convention: U-Bolt M10 *35mm Thread, 65mm Inside Diameter, 96mm Inside Height T304 Stainless Steel

Anyone should be able to read that and know if it will suit their needs

2) Finding the right u-bolt on a website.

Even when you have such easy to read titles, finding the correct U-bolt can still be daunting, so we have developed, on our U-bolts-r-us site, a new filtering system. It will soon be introduced on our main Graphskill Website also.

U-Bolt Selector

This filtering system is very easy to use. Simply dial in your choices. Choose T304 stainless steel and you are immediately shown all the T304 stainless steel U-bolts. Select a thread of M8 and your choices are reduced, use the sliders to say you want an inside diameter between the legs of between 60 and 65 mm and your options will be updated.Watch the video to see how very easy it all is

So, now, everyone can easily find the u-bolt to suit their needs



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