What’s this? Colourised fashion accessories?

Well, they do look great, but no. Introducing our brand new range of Flame Retardant Anti-Vibration U-bolts

These U-bolts have a D-shaped rubber sleeve which is also grooved. Designed to absorb vibration. But the rubber is a bit special:

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 – Reduce or eliminate noise and fatigue due to vibration of pipework against the supporting structure
 – Prevention of galvanic corrosion due to the contact of dissimilar metals in the presence of an electrolyte
 – Prevention of wear and / or crushing of composite, thin wall or non-ferrous pipework
– Flame Retardant rubber

United Silicones Ltd – Typical Data Sheet

Product: Extrusions, Seals & Sheeting

Material: Silicone Rubber

Material Analysis

Material Grade: railway Grade Silicone 80sh

Postcured for minimum 4 hours at 200C


Property Tested Specification Range Nominal Result
Shore A 75-85 80
Tensile N/mm2 8.5 – 13 10.0
Elongation % 300-600 420
Tear B N/mm 18 – 30 26
Specific Gravity 1.2 – 1.3 1.22
Standard Grade Min / Max constant working temperature   -40 / +200 C
BS6853 Specification (historical data, no testing is conducted against individual batches)
Smoke Density m2/g 0.005 BS6853 Pass
Flammability Temperature Index C 352 BS6853 Pass
Toxic Flame Emission R 0.12 BS6853 Pass
Dielectric Properties
Dielectric Strength (2 mm thickness), KV/mm approx   24
Dielectric Constant at 1Mhz Approx   2.9
Dissipation factor at 1 MKz approx   1.2 10 -3
Transversal Resistivity 0hm.cm approx   3.7 10 16
Strike-over voltage KV Approx   48

You can see the full range and download datasheets from our on-line store here: Flame Retardant Anti-Vibration U-bolts





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