What are Fidget Toys?

Some people are fidgety, always on the move, fiddling and doing something with their hands. Fidget toys are specially designed to provide tactile sensations and an outlet for that surplus energy.

Twiddling something in your hands can distract your attention away from stressful situations. They can be particularly beneficial for those with Autism, ADHD, Asperger’s and Anxiety. But also great to help with hair twirling, thumb sucking, pencil flipping, nail biting, smoking and anything else you need a distraction from.

There are many companies that manufacture ranges of fidget toys, and “spinners” are high on the list. A spinner is simply something you can spin in / on your hand – and they come in all shapes and sizes.


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 fidget toy spinner



You can see here how they work:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnXJrdMPb9c[/embedyt]

But actually, they are great for just about anyone and the latest craze to hit America is now going global – because they are really easy to make

Our favourite type are shown here, made by one of our customers, who also added dome nuts for a better effect:

Home Made Spinner

Home Made Spinner


The centre is a bearing from a skateboard. Skateboard bearings are really easy to get hold of (usually in your garage gathering dust). 22 mm bearings are perfect to fit.

Perfect to fit what? Well our 22 mm brass Munsen rings of course

Brass munsen ring suit 22 mm outside diameter pipe

Brass munsen ring suit 22 mm outside diameter pipe

These are currently flying off the shelf to all parts of the globe, USA, Australia, Portugal, Israel and of course the UK

Having two of these clamps and a couple of 22 mm bearings (very cheap on Ebay if the garage is bare) and you can make a couple of your own fidget toys in a couple of minutes and at a fraction of the cost of ready made one

So two clamps:

2 Brass Pipe Clamps, munsen type


Separate the clamps into two halves by removing the bolts

2 Brass Pipe Clamps, munsen type - opened

2 Brass Pipe Clamps, munsen type – opened


And then put together with a bearing so the two halves with a “boss” , and the two halves without a “boss”. that way it keeps the spinner in balance

2 Brass Pipe Clamps, munsen type - with bearing

2 Brass Pipe Clamps, munsen type – with bearing


Now, your bearings may be a different size so you can see our full range of brass clamps here:


And remember, the better quality the bearing, the better spinner you will have (see the video above)

Have fun!