1111-series- showing ptfe strip

The future is here – the future is blue! The brand new, patent pending, low friction u-bolts. The 1111 series.

The future is here – the future is blue! The brand new, patent pending, low friction u-bolts Our first line of U-bolts with a rubber shroud were the ever popular 1108 series. A basic rubber sleeve and pad added to the U-bolt to act as an insulator These U-bolts are Read more…


Fidget Toys / Spinners – the latest craze

What are Fidget Toys? Some people are fidgety, always on the move, fiddling and doing something with their hands. Fidget toys are specially designed to provide tactile sensations and an outlet for that surplus energy. Twiddling something in your hands can distract your attention away from stressful situations. They can be particularly Read more…

1110 Series light duty anti-vibration U-bolt -Flame retardant
Pipe Support

Flame Retardant Anti-Vibration U-bolts

What’s this? Colourised fashion accessories? Well, they do look great, but no. Introducing our brand new range of Flame Retardant Anti-Vibration U-bolts These U-bolts have a D-shaped rubber sleeve which is also grooved. Designed to absorb vibration. But the rubber is a bit special: Advantages:  – Reduce or eliminate noise and Read more…

General Engineering

Difference Between Black Steel and Bright Drawn Steel | Metal Supermarkets

Great informotion from Metalsupermarkets.co.uk Black Steel: Black steel is created through a mill process which involves rolling the steel at a high temperature (typically at a temperature over 1700° F), which is above the steel’s recrystallization temperature. When steel is above the recrystallization temperature, it can be shaped and formed Read more…


Graphskill SUMS Standard Universal Measuring System

Graphskill SUMS – Standard Universal Measuring System This method of identification was primarily devised to categorise pipe supports for ease of identification, storage, retrieval & computerised manufacture coding purposes. It is principally a code made up of alpha numeric & punctuation which give the product it relates to a unique reference Read more…

General Engineering

A Fantastic New Development: Slotted Backing Plates

Slotted Backing Plates It has been difficult not only for us to manufacture and stock backing plates for all our U-bolts, but it has also been tricky for customers to find the correct match So here is our brand new innovation, slotted backing plates   😀 The principle is fairly straightforward Read more…

General Engineering

Big Boys’ Meccano And Our Brilliant Young Design Engineer

Big Boys’ Meccano And Our Brilliant Young Design Engineer You may well have read recently that Graphskill have started supplying Unistrut / Oglaend style metal framing systems. These systems are metal channels which can be used with nuts, bolts, washers etc to create just about anything from shelving to pipe support Read more…


New Products: Unistrut Brackets, BZP fasteners & N-bolts

New Products: Unistrut Brackets, BZP fasteners & N-bolts We we have had a very busy week here at Graphskill. Not only has it been our busiest sales week, but we have added some exiting new ranges to our own line store Firstly, we have started extending our Metal Framing System Read more…

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