Slotted Backing Plates

It has been difficult not only for us to manufacture and stock backing plates for all our U-bolts, but it has also been tricky for customers to find the correct match

So here is our brand new innovation, slotted backing plates   😀

slotted backing plate

slotted backing plate

The principle is fairly straightforward really. Instead of holes for the U-bolt legs, we have elongated slots. This means that one plate will suit a wide variety of U-bolts AND square bolts.

This will enable us to cut down the choice from around 50 backing plates to just 9!

All you need to know when trying to match the backing plate are two measurements: the Thread diameter of the U-bolt and the inside diameter of the u-bolt (distance between the legs)

Backing plates are labelled as:  Slotted backing plate for M6 U-bolt (14 – 26 mm ID)

So you can see , it is for an M6 u-bolt with a distance between the legs of 14 – 26 mm – simples!

slotted backing plate schematic

slotted backing plate schematic

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