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3 > Self colour and stainless steel 3-5 days, BZP and Galvansied approx 2 weeks (But we may find stock item close enough for your needs)
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Example:  LBOLT/T304/M8-43-35-30-4
L-bolt designer   Thread size-D
Enquiry Number   Length of leg with thread (usually long leg)=L
Item   Length of leg without thread (usually short leg)=S
Date   Length of thread=T
Quantity   Inside radius of bend=R
Material   Graphskill SUMS=LBOLT/MATL/D-L-S-T-R
Thread Diameter (D)   Example:  LBOLT/T304/M8-43-35-30-4
Thread Length (T)
Long Leg Length (L - mm)
Short Leg (S - mm)
J-Bolt Code