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UK Manufacturing – Loud and Proud

Anyone involved with UK manufacturing knows that we should stand tall, be loud and proud, of our achievements, history and future.

Manufacturing has had a hard time, but the amount of world leading innovation out there is staggering – and we should let the world know. It can be very difficult in the age of Google getting your websites, blogs & stores seen.

Which is why Graphskill are proud to Sponsor a new website directory where you can add links to your sites and tell the world why they should visit you. Links are all important to Google, so the more sites linking to yours the better.

This simple shop window is designed to simply be that – a shop window to your site.

It is FREE and always will be, and all sites are manually checked and approved

No hidden catches just a simple gesture by the instigator of the #ukmfg tag to should out loud and proud about UK manufacturing.

The directory will hold details of your site, but if you want extra prominence for a while (front page) you can create an account (Yes, still free) and we will give those with an account some front page exposure (RSS feeds, Ads etc)

Anyone involved with UK Manufacturing can be involved (Support or informational services for example)

Visit now, and submit your site. It is free, easy and can only benefit your UK manufacturing organisation

Visit the site at:

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